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mardi, 23 janvier 2007

Sigma 41 Resources (the Sigma 41 is a great boat)

Dear all,


This post on Liens de Mer is not dealing with usual stuff (maritime news in French). Tof, a friend of mine, bought a year ago a Sigma 41 (one among the 120 Sigma 41 which were built).


Please find here after a collection of resources about this fabulous sailing boat named Sigma 41.


Sigma 41 ? She is unique !


- To view 5 originals Sigma 41 plans and the Sigma 41 Sales Brochure : see the Sigma 41 officials documents.

The Sigma 41 is both
an efficient racing sailing boat
and a perfect cruiser to discover new horizons

This public web folder also contains a Sigma 41's personalized emergency equipment layout.

- Additional information can be found on the best forum to discuss with Sigma 41 owners and to benefit from their past and present knowledge : Sigma 41 best forum.


Best Regards and sail safe,


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